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Shows at Home

Do you want a different way to entertain your guests at home? Try an illusion show in your own home.

These are mini-theatrical, themed, events, often called parlour shows. As an accomplished stage magician and theatre actor, Phil May takes the concept of a theatrical experience and brings it directly to your home. Each themed show lasts up to an hour and is designed to entertain from 6 to 30 people.

Why not try one of the themed shows below - or contact Phil who can design something specifically for your event.

Inflatable Balloons

Family Magic

Why not try a family magic show for your next celebration? With magic suitable for all ages, from 8-80, loads of family involvement, and many hilarious moments, this will make your event really sparkle.

You'll get involved throughout the show, you'll see some real classics of magic, experience some truly amazing feats, and even meet Chico the Mind-Reading Monkey.

All in your own home.

Spirit Theatre

Do you believe in ghosts? Are you afraid of the dark? Why not try something different for your dinner party - a Spirit Theatre experience. 


Experience some spooky effects that will make you tingle with surprise. 

Note: All illusions performed in this show are genuine magic effects for entertainment purposes.

Deck of Cards

Bunko Booth

Do you like to gamble? We'll wager you'll love this show. Get wrapped into some real world magical cons. Try and beat the magician (just a hint - you probably won't).

Phil will show you some amazing gambling effects used by street con artists and casino card sharks. You'll realise why you can never win.

Best of all, you'll learn some "bar betchas" you can use yourself.

The Mind Reading Experience

Mind-reading, mentalism, or simply "Derren Brown - style magic" is fascinating and bewildering at the same time.

You'll believe futures can be predicted and minds can be read when you experience Phil May's mind-reading show.

It's all even more stunning when done in the comfort of your own home.

Note: This is a show of magic effects and doesn't use hypnotism.

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